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Thomson One and DataStream subscription to end

The financial services tools Thomson One and DataStream currently in use at the Sainsbury Library and the Social Science Library are now being discontinued as a product by their supplier Thomson Reuters. The current subscription will run to July 31st 2017.

CLOSER Discovery

A new search engine has been developed by CLOSER to enable researchers to search and browse across thousands of questions and variables from eight leading UK longitudinal studies, allowing users to explore the rich data collected by these studies and their potential for new research.

Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data: Sharing and Reusing Data

Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, University of Essex, 10-14 July 2017.

InFuse launches new geographic feature

InFuse is a free service providing easy access to, and distribution of, the 2011 UK Census aggregate data.

Understanding Society

Competition for early access to EU referendum data for research projects. Deadline for proposals - 13th March 2017.

Access to European Microdata

Eurostat has published microdata for the general public.

UKDS launched Syntax Upload Facility

It enables researchers to upload and share syntax they create, building a library of syntax for other users to utilise and cite.

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