Using the Archive

A handy guide to procedures for accessing the Conservative Party Archive is available for download here.

Use of the Conservative Party Archive is restricted to holders of Category A Bodleian Libraries' reader's cards only - which is required for readers consulting manuscript material and special collections (Undergraduates, please see here).

To obtain a Category A reader's card, you will need to go to the Admissions Office on the day of your first visit, with your completed Admissions Form A. You should also bring either a letter of recommendation (addressed to us) or a completed Admissions Form B, part B2 of which incorporates a requirement for a recommendation by an appropriate person (i.e., preferably your supervisor but definitely not yourself). If you are a graduate of Oxford University, no recommendation is required.

On presentation of your completed form(s), valid proof of identity and payment (if relevant), the Admissions Office will issue your reader's card there and then.

Please be sure to provide the correct documentation as without it you will not be issued with the correct type of reader's card, which will prevent you from having access to the papers.

Further details of the admissions process can be found here.

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