The mystery surrounding a bust of James Gibbs in the Radcliffe Camera

Dana Josephson, former Bodleian Exhibitions and Portraits Conservator
13 February 2018 1.00pm 1.45pm
Lecture Theatre, Weston Library

The Radcliffe Camera holds two marble busts of its architect, James Gibbs. One is by an unknown sculptor, and some doubt that it is really Gibbs. Recently discovered evidence states that this bust, and not one by Michael Rysbrack in the V&A Museum, came from Strawberry Hill, the famous home of Horace Walpole. If true, can this tell us any more about the enigmatic bust?

Isabella Bird's photographic journal of travels through China

Deborah Ireland FRGS, Curator of Photographs and Author
27 February 2018 1.00pm
Lecture Theatre, Weston Library

Isabella Bird was one of the most remarkable travel writers in the Victorian age and the first woman to be elected Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She recorded her extensive travels in books illustrated with her own photographs. In 1894, whilst exploring Korea, she was expelled from the country. This 'adventure' changed her life and her understanding of China forever.

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